Huntingdon County, PA History and Heritage

 A site is for the history, heritage, and genealogy of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania  

About the Site:

This site was created so you can discover the history and heritage of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. You can become a member, and as a member you can post/upload information and pictures. This site is also a place to do genealogy. 

Genealogy is the study one ones family tree and history. 

        Site was created and put up on Sunday February 24th 2013.

Huntingdon County PA:

 Huntingdon County is located in Pennsylvania. It was created on September 20th 1787. Huntingdon (town) was originally called Standing Stone. Huntingdon County is in central Pennslyvania. The town was founded by Reverend William Smith D.D..

Notable People from Huntingdon County PA:

  • J.C. Blair - His full name is John Chalmers Blair. Born on November 14 1847. Inventor of the Paper Tablet called Topsy Tablets, the first full size paper tablet to have a lithograph cover. He expanded his industry to the  corner of 6th and Penn Streets, where manufacturing of the tablet began.  He went into the Stationary Industry in 1881.

( Names that we have information on)

- Schell

- Shaffer

- Busko

- Shultz

- Smith

- St.Germain

Notable Pennsylvanians:

James Buchanan Jr.-  15th President of the United States. He is the only president from Pennsylvania and the only president who remained a lifelong bachelor.